As part of research for this blog I browse over 100 other personal finance blogs for ideas and tips. Here’s a summary of some the best posts I’ve come across in January, There’s a big range of topics so instead of going through them all I’d advise reading the summary and clicking through to the ones that sound interesting to you.

The Debt Myth – A simple method for saving money by listing all your outgoings and ranking them in terms of how happy they make you. Then using that list to cut back on anything near the bottom that isn’t needed.

FrugalWoods – A lengthy post about how planing ahead can save you a lot of money. It covers short term things like meals and packed lunches to longer term projects such as house repairs. Forward thinking is almost guaranteed to save you money,  if its something you don’t feel you do enough of take a gander at this post.

projectbeachlife – A frugal post with some quick and easy tips to get the most out of your meals.

FinanceSuperHero – A medium length take on the difference between good and bad debt. Its a large topic that everyone seems to  understand differently so it cant hurt to get someone else’s opinion on it.

millennialmoneyman – Go big or go home! Millennial money man gives a great run down of different length goals and why having some crazy ambitions isn’t a bad idea.