As part of research for this blog I browse over 100 other personal finance blogs for ideas and tips. Here’s a summary of the best posts I’ve come across in November, There’s a big range of topics so instead of going through them all I’d advise reading the summary and clicking through to the ones that sound interesting to you.

1500days – Not too useful from a financial education point of view but I enjoyed this guys rant about terrible xmas presents available this year. take a look and see if any of you got any of them this year (or gifted them to others like a terrible Santa?)

thinksaveretire– One of the well known finance bloggers has reached their end goal of retirement at the age of 35! Here he talks about what his plans are for the future (retirement doesn’t mean resting for the rest of your life). If nothing else this post will be a motivator to crack on with your own money plans.


savvywoman – If you got any presents this year that you cant make use of and don’t want cluttering your house take a look at this post to see what your options are. – I know of several people moving to new cities for work in 2017. If you’re planning on moving somewhere new next year here’s a list of a few things to think about that might save you money.

tortoisehappy – A feel good post about the benefits of slowing down and taking the time to enjoy what you’ve got at the moment instead of trying to rush towards your goals. It reminded me of the Cat Stevens song “father and son” where he is singing to his kid to have a sit down and a good think about things before rushing out to try new experiences. – For anyone not in the mood to read an article here’s a nicely presented collection of 20 money related quotes aimed to inspire and motivate. ( or at least keep you from getting bored for the few minutes it takes to read).