As part of research for this blog I browse over 100 other personal finance blogs for ideas and tips. Here’s a summary of the best posts I’ve come across in November, There’s a big range of topics so instead of going through them all I’d advise reading the summary and clicking through to the ones that sound interesting to you.

Money Saving Girl – Awesome new idea for a piggy bank that you can set to not open for 1-365 days. Might be classed as more of a safe than a piggy bank by most people.

Emma Drew – Emma is one of the bigger personal finance bloggers around and has now been doing it full time for a year, here is her post detailing the high and low points.

BeCleverWithYourCash – A nice collection of recent Amazon deals and discounts.

Skint Dad – Post about creating your own posh looking hampers for anyone being well organised enough to start sorting out xmas presents already this year.

Scrimpulse – A How to guide on asking companies for coupons. Similar to the project I ran early this month, hopefully anyone else trying this will get slightly better results than I did.

Half Banked – write up of the super secret money conference all the Canadian bloggers went to recently.

Thinking Thrifty – A review of the new “too good to go” app that allows restaurants to sell food at the end of the evening which customers haven’t bought. Similar to the yellow stickers found in supermarkets. Its not an app I’ve used myself as there are very few places near me registered on it but its something I’m planning on looking at for a later blog post.