A short while ago I started an experiment that involved me e-mailing 20 ¬†companies saying I enjoy their products and would they be willing to provide either coupons or a free sample. If you missed it here’s post:¬†Link to Part 1

The Results:

Its been roughly a week since I sent out the e-mails so all the 20 companies should have had plenty of chance to read my message and take action. The results are slightly more disappointing than I expected.

I had a browse through a few coupon websites before I did this challenge and was expecting a bit more back from it. only 12 of the 20 companies replied to my message. These were all consumer facing brands and 8 of them decided that a customer sending them a personalised e-mail didn’t deserve any sort of reply. Shame on them!

The others were mostly nice replies from staff at the company saying that they appreciate my reply and are thanks for my custom but for various reasons they were unable to provide any freebies.

luckily I did get something to write about. 3 of the companies offered discount codes for ordering their goods online:

  • Plenish – 8% discount code
  • RawHalo – 20% discount code
  • The Coconut Company – 15% discount code

The best result however came from my favourite of the 20 companies on the list:

  • Yorkshire Tea – 10 free teabags and 30p off coupon
  • Free Tea

So thank you to Yorkshire tea, I’ll definitely be buying more of your brew in the future. And thank you to all the companies that actually took the time to respond. Asking for Coupons and Freebies didn’t take up a massive amount of time, but its probably not worth it unless you are trying to live as frugally as possible or you manage to get hold of a list of companies who are more likely to respond with freebies.