My Package has finally arrived!

Someone mentioned “Love Health Hate Waste” on twitter as an alternative to approved-foods and it seemed to have more food types that I’d buy normally so I wanted to give them a go as the prices advertised were 50-75% lower than if I were to buy these products from the shops. The catch is that they are all past their best before date. For those unsure about what that means it’s when the manufacturer thinks the food is still good to eat but may have lost some of its quality. Further down in the post there are comments on the items I’ve eaten already and how some of it might be affected by its age.

it took a while going through their site trying to fill my basket up to £50 to get their free delivery. Here’s what I eventually  settled on:

Love health hate waste

Its mostly snacks and sports nutrition type foods. I’ve got a very active lifestyle so the salty snacks and energy dense foods are things I’d get from the shops normally. If you don’t buy protein balls or coconut water then using this site wont save you money as you’re buying stuff you wont need or use.

Ordering from the site itself was very straight forward, its got the typical shopping basket you find in most sites and at the time of writing about 35 pages of items to browse through. it was a bit of a challenge to get my basket over the £50 needed to qualify for free delivery because the items are so cheap once the discounts are applied but I managed by ordering multiples of items I knew I’d use. The package took 7 days to arrive and came in a box with a bit of bubble wrap. There were a few items missing from the order but these were highlighted on the invoice (I ordered 55 items and 52 of them were delivered.)

What surprised me was just how long ago some of these items had gone past their best before date. The majority of them were a few months old as I had expected but there were a lot dating back to 2015. The oldest one going back to February 2015.


Onto the taste test. I’m not going to scoff £50 worth of food at once so here’s the sample I got stuck into this evening:


Kale-Os – These had become very soft and wilted, the flavouring on them still tasted fine but it was a bit like floppy lettuce with some salt sprinkled onto it, this cost 40p, discounted from £1.20. The packet contained a very small amount of kale which didn’t justify the 40p price. Rating 1/5

Yushoi snapea rice sticks – I couldn’t find any sort of quality deterioration from these. A generic crunchy snack that kept its flavour and texture. Rating 4/5

Jealous Sweets – Jealous make a few different types of sweets, the sweets themselves are generic and the only thing making them posh is the branding on the packet. These still tasted fine but the texture had deteriorated which made the sweets slightly crumbly instead of chewy as they should be.  Rating 2/5

Booja Booja truffles – Fancy chocolates in a fancy box. The posh chocolates inside had lost a bit of sheen and looked a bit powdery but the taste itself was great. It was easy to tell the chocolate used cocoa butter instead of vegetable fats like a lot of the cheaper chocolate brands (cadburys, nestle etc…) so despite being well past its best before date this box was cheaper than a box of roses or celebrations and it tasted far better. Rating 5/5

Overall the site is a decent way to save a lot of money if you aren’t fussy with food and have a healthy/active lifestlye that means you eat these sorts of foods anyway. Most people will come across a lot of foods on this site they have never heard so its worth looking at it if you want to experience some new flavours e.g. this bag of Picatos I have on my desk.