I was talking to someone recently to said to save money on their electricity bill they only charge their phone at work.

If we ignore the moral argument here about whether this counts as stealing electricity, is this tactic worth it? How much money would you save? I’ve had a go at doing the maths, if you just want to skip the numbers and see the results scroll down to the summary at the bottom.

This is going to have to be rough maths due to the many variables (what phone you have and how long the battery takes to charge). An iphone 6 charger is 1amp. My Homtom phone has a giant battery and its charger is 2amps. the iphone charger pushes out 5 watts and my Homtom one would do 10.

Lets assume you charge for phone for 8 hours overnight whilst you sleep and the standard rate of electricity in the UK is 7.21p /KWHour (Source)

the iphone would use:

7.21 * 0.005 = 0.036p/hour

0.036 * 8 = 0.28p

Unless you work on the weekends you’ll be charging it at work 250 days a year

0.28 *250 = 72.1P


That’s right! charging your phone at work instead of your own house would only save you 72.1p per year. Hardly worth the effort. a large phone with a 2amp charger would save double that £1.44.

If you’re in a position where saving 72p over a year is appealing your best option is probably to sell your iPhone and get something cheaper.