Everybody loves a bargain. One of the best ways to save money is to always keep an eye out for items on sale that could be used as a replacement for something you were intending to buy anyway.

Whilst food shopping this week I came across a load of giant pumpkins that must have been surplus stock from Halloween. They were being sold for 90p!


Its going to be a struggle to find a larger amount of food for that price. Luckily I had my backpack with me otherwise it would have been a struggle to get the thing home.

Since then we have set some aside for a pumpkin cake, but most of it has been turned into this bacon and pumpkin soup recipe : BBC good food : Pumpkin and bacon soup

The price breakdown of the ingredients is:

  • 5th of the pumpkin = 18p
  • 50g of cooking bacon = 3p (found a 500g bag for 60p in Asda)
  • 1 onion = 20p
  • Butter = 10p
  • Stock cube = 5p
  • double cream = 30p

Total price = 86p

The recipe says it feeds 4 but their portions must be a bit stingy as I got 3 out of each batch. That still comes out at a wallet friendly 29p per portion for healthy and filling home made food. Every bowl of this replaces another meal that would have cost more, and money saved is the same as money earned.

Unless your local area has some sort of pumpkin festival planned in the near future this specific advice wont help too many readers, however the lesson of being able to take advantage of random things on sale is probably something you can practise every week if you have a keen eye.