My first project on this blog is going to be about finding out how likely companies are to hand out coupons or free samples to people for simply asking.

a quick google brings up lots of resources from people who have tried it and made easy to follow lists of companies to ask. I’m going to do this my way and e-mail 20 companies I’ve thought of saying that I am a fan of their product and would they be willing to send me a voucher or some samples? If you don’t ask you don’t get right?

I’m splitting this up into two groups. The first group contains is 10 new-ish healthy type companies. I’m sending them an e-mail saying I had seen their product in the shops but it was slightly too expensive for me to try. The companies in this are:

  • Finnberry
  • Ugly Drinks
  • Nomidrinks
  • Raw Halo
  • Rhythm
  • Grannys Secret
  • The Coconut company
  • Plenish Cleanse
  • Qnola
  • The Living food Kitchen

The second lot of companies are more well-known household brands and the e-mail to them is along the lines of saying I have used their products for a while and enjoyed them however I am now trying to work to a budget and can no longer afford their stuff. The companies in this batch are:

  • Hotel Chocolat (I really really hope they send me something :P)
  • Tetley
  • Yorkshire tea
  • Irn Bru
  • Innocent drinks
  • Maggi
  • Redbull
  • Starbucks
  • Moniac Vinader
  • MyProtein

I’ve e-mailed all 20 companies tonight from an e-mail address I setup specifically for the test. I’m not sure how quickly they will respond but I’ll write part 2 of this experiment in a week or so with details of any freebies that got sent my way or any interesting responses I get from the companies.